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A ‘true narcissist’ would never feel very self-reflective as to host the notion that they’re something

Turns out we’re lacking one vital clue that reflects the severity of the situation.

Works out we’re missing out on one essential idea that reflects the severity of the disorder.

Maybe you have questioned if you’re a narcissist?

Then it’s most likely you’re perhaps not, per one of Australia’s top gurus on narcissism. Why?

less than a perfect human being, in accordance with Julie Hart, head psychologist and movie director from the Hart center.

“There’s a saying that narcissists don’t have dilemmas, they simply experience other folks,” Dr Hart states.

“It is obviously people else’s failing.”

Actually, Dr Hart believes that individuals who are able to identify certain narcissistic characteristics in their personalities is sensibly healthier people.

“A decreased knowledge is among the faculties of narcissism,” she says.